Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Puppy training

Today I Thought I would put a few of my thoughts about life with a puppy...

As I always say to people who are considering having a puppy,
"It will be as easy or as difficult as you make it"
By that I mean if all members of the household set and agree the boundaries and you are consistent the puppy will very quickly learn and accept them. This will lead to a confident adult dog who knows what is expected of him and where his place is in your pack. (Below all the humans and that includes the children).

I am an absolute advocate of the use of crates. I first used one when I had my Rottweiler who is sadly no longer with us after 12 years. The trainer I used, when he was a puppy, listened to me moaning about dreading to open the kitchen door as I didn't know what scene would greet me. My carefully placed newspaper, shredded and strewn across the room often having been used to do his business on!!! My two toddlers would be at the door too, desperate to enter the room, as being boys were "starving", so using the crate transformed my household and made owning him a pleasure. His bowel and bladder control was almost immediate and never again was there the mess!
He clearly loved the crate and if ever it was put up he would go in and the only way to get him out was by shaking him out. well! you try and drag a Rotty out.

My partner's Labradoodle has been at our house for months but he went home yesterday, he disappeared and to my partners surprise he had put himself in his crate. He loves it too.

On a practical level...

The crate helps the puppy gain bowel and bladder control. Open the door, lift out the puppy, put it outside and stay out with it, encourage it to do it's business. My partner used the phrase "hurry up" and now, as an adult dog, he still performs on his command.
It ensures your home and belongings don't get chewed. You must put things in that he can chew as he will be teething.

The puppy should come out for fun, food, walks, training and toilet but at all other times be in the crate as you are not giving him attention and that is when they get bored, wander and become destructive.

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