Saturday, 18 December 2010

All for a puppy

We are expecting a family who are travelling from Bristol to view one of our puppies.
They have had a look on Doodle Dogs Derby and obviously liked what they saw. They have asked lots of questions and they are obviously happy because what a journey to make!!!.
They particularly like the look of Jilly as she is more athletic and I am with them in that they are not too keen on the stocky, leg in each corner type of Labradors.

A puzzle  -  We live in an old, draughty farm house. We have a log burner which at this time of year eats fuel. Having chopped logs for years (4 tonnes per winter) I decided to buy a conversion kit for my burner to enable me to burn coal. Feeling quite relieved at the prospect of no more log chopping and looking forward to the ease of burning coal, I ordered 500kg of the best the merchant could recommended.
I went to the manufacturers of my burner to buy the conversion kit which was not cheep.
Within a couple of days of burning the fire my boys noticed the grill had bowed. I immediately called the manufactures to complain only to be told I was burning the wrong type of coal!!!.
I now have to burn slower burning coal which in turn does not generate nearly enough heat!!!.

If we cannot burn coal to generate the heat to keep warm, what is the point?

Why is the grill not capable of having a fire burnt on it?

Nearly sold all the puppies and they are only 3 weeks old today. Fantastic.

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