Monday, 1 November 2010

Cleaning day!!!

All is a little quieter at the moment as holiday season finally comes to an end in the cattery. We just have a few guests.
Small pets, there are a couple in as their owners house move went slightly wrong.
Hope they get sorted very soon.

                  All those wagging tails!
Our young dogs are settling into the routines on the farm. The older dogs have accepted them and the pack plays quite happily together.
They all love to run across our fields, the puppies follow the adults. I just pray that the puppies have instinctive respect for the horses and don't learn the hard way!. They cover far more ground than I ever do, chasing one another.
 Labradoodles are incredibly agile and cover the ground with such speed and grace.
I have de-flead everyone over the weekend.

Today I clean and clear all the cat and small pet pens ready for Christmas. It is a challange to get all the cat hairs off the bedding ahead of putting it in the washing machine. (The cats and dogs have their own machine). I know some catteries use paper bedding but i'm sure the cats prefer soft quilts it just leads to a little more work.
I have a builder comming to alter the roof and carry out maintenance.  It's ongoing to keep it in good state of repair.

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