Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Keeping puppies warm.

We have lost a puppy on day 2.
 It is very difficult to say why but Jilly has lost 1 every litter she has had. You soon see there is one just failing. I have tried to put it onto the best teats, expressed milk and even given it lactol but nothing works. That puppy just cannot thrive. I have asked my vets advice he says it is "non thriving puppy syndrome". I feel that Jilly has just one bud that allows the egg to be fertilised and the puppy to grow whilst in her but once it is born it just fades. It's core temperature drops and eventually she pushes it out as she knows there is some thing wrong.

The rest are just gorgeous and thriving very well.

Jilly has unlimited food at the moment but lets face it she can have as much as she likes as she has all those hungry mouthes to feed.

We have our oil heating on 24 hours at the moment + Jilly has an oil filled radiator right by her.
The litter is on vet bed which is fantastic for keeping the puppies dry and warm.

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