Saturday, 27 November 2010

Snow!! What fun!!

How they love the snow. It is the first time for Poppy, Toffee, Bella and Lulu. None of them understood how to apply their braked. Lulu looked like a white dog as she rolled in it.
The older dogs love it too. Gemma (our old girl) pops her tail between her hind legs and sets the charge and everyone runs after her. She can run like the wind even at her age.

Jilly, despite the weather has had her puppies today. She started around 12 noon and has just delivered the last on (we think). She has had a meal which is a usual sign that she has finished whelping. They all look great. One Golden boy and the rest are chocolate. The other dogs would love to visit the new borns but Jilly would object. She has no problem with us handling them though and my partner has done a couple of head counts as Mum can squash existing puppies whilst delivering the next.

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