Thursday, 25 November 2010

Winter is here!

I love days like today. Clear sky and cold, crisp air.
I rode my lovely horse and he, despite his objections worked very well. We both sweated a bit !.
The hose has frozen so I had to barrow water to them all. My horses live out so have hard feed and limitless hay. We have clipped them and then wrapped them in rugs. This enables us to ride them, stops them sweating too much and  allows them to dry off much quicker before we turn them out again.

The dogs are all well. Jilly now heavily pregnant is in the porch. She has a heater on all the time just in case we have new arrivals. Puppies need the air temperature to be 18 degrees not to suffer from hyporthermia. Her due date is Monday (Gestation is 9 weeks).

All the dogs have extra rations and warm bedding. I gave the young dogs a new bed and by the time I can back onto the yard having ridden they had removed all the stuffing!!! What a waste that was.

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