Friday, 12 November 2010

The farrier.

This is Mark Brewster our farrier, based in Derby. He is never late and never lets us down. A "cast" shoe is not a problem and he calls as soon as he canto put it back on.

The farrier is the person who puts the steel shoes on our horses. This is done every 6 ish weeks and costs far too much money. The reason people started to shoe horses was during the war the heavy horses stood in small compounds and their own urine rotted their feet so shoes were put on to elevate them and we have done it ever since. they do have some practical benefits but the reality is if we never started a horses woof would adapt to the terrane.

My horse who was shod very recently has cast a shoe. (pulled one off) This is very common at this time of year as they get stuck in the mud. The farrier will re heat the shoe balance it and reattach it with new clenches.

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