Saturday, 30 October 2010


Toffee. yes very cute! But she got fleas. I know not where and believe me, I turned all my other dogs over as that's best way to find fleas on their tummy, and no one had anything.
Toffee was crawling!!! she had been to the vets just a couple of days ago and he spotted nothing. As she is getting lots of attention and rolling around so we would have spotted them.
I find it quite incredible that within a short space of time she was covered.
No longer! she has had a bath in specialist shampoo and they are DEAD!
Typical for a poodle, under that lovely fluffy coat she has a skinny body and at least she is small enough to dunk into the sink!

We have just had Holly spayed yesterday as she developed a condition called Addisons disease. This is an inability for her body to manage its sodium and potassium levels. She lost coordination and if left untreated would be fatal. She became quite poorly a few weeks ago and Dr Rehman diagnosed it. Her prognosis is good she just needs medication. We will not breed from her hence she was spayed.
She is however a young KC registered and very well bred standard poodle so we will look to re home her. She is very affectionate so some one will get a lot of love from her.
She is sat by my side now with her head on my lap.

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