Monday, 25 October 2010

Horsey day today.

Why do we clip (shave) horses?

This is Trigger our 13.1HH gelding. As winter draws closer his coat thickens and when we work him he sweats. This causes problems with drying him, which if not done thoroughly he will loose weight and condition. You may be thinking "don't work him in the winter that way he wouldn't sweat up!.

The other option is to clip him.

And that is what we did!

This is the same horse 2 hours later.
We have left the hair on his legs as this is thought to help prevent mud fever and his ears and above the cheek piece on his head.
This is the colour a bay horse at the end of it's hair.
He looks so much slimmer and if you had seen the mountain of hair on the floor you would understand why that is.
What a shine. He is fed corn oil every day in his feed and this certainly looks to be helping.
We rode him after clipping and he said he has his go faster stripes on!!

Tonight he has a thick quilted rug and a full neck turnout rug as we must keep him warm.

What a beautiful day; a friend, my boys and myself all rode. Well we have to make the most of the weather whilst it is here!!

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