Friday, 22 October 2010

Lulu and Bella day

What a beautiful dawn!! cold but crisp.

Bella carries a piece of tree bark in her mouth whilst Lulu carries Bella's leg, In her mouth!!!. Both girls trotting across the yard, Lulu on three legs of course. Soooo funny!

My partner and I made the most of the lovely afternoon and put the girls on a lead and venture down our very quiet drive. As we approached the bottom Bella had a panic attack as a car sped by!!. It was just too much for her so we carried her the short distance (thankfully she doesn't weigh as much as Lulu). We went on to have a lovely walk.
We discovered a conservation area between Findern and ourselves. It is very well groomed and someone clearly takes a lot of time over the management of it. We reached the train line and let the girls experience the trains flying by. Bella did very well.

Both girls spent time off and on the lead accepting the training very well. They are getting very good at recall, sit and down. They are such a pleasure.
Interestingly there is a clearly marked bridleway with no access off the highway for horses, a very low tunnel which at best our 13hh pony may be able to access and a pair of close to vertical steel bars which are clearly not welcoming to either horses nor ponies. How can this be called a bridle path?

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