Saturday, 1 December 2012

Life with a puppy

Phoebe is being such a good girl. Having said that she is getting ooooodles of attention and training from us humans.

She is being very well socialised with other dogs as I have my pack and Mel (the dogs groomer) brings her little pack, one of which is a Rottweiler too just 1 weeks younger than Phoebe, whenever she is here.

She also comes down to the dog boarding with me and at times there are many dogs, young and old, large and small, happy and grumpy. She copes with them all.

A few people have asked me about routine and practicalities so here goes.

Her crate is in our main room and she is in there whenever we are not giving her attention, feeding, walking or training her. She was ignored from the day she came home if she objected to being in there so for her, for now, it is normal and she is never noisy.

In her crate she has a soft bed, water bowl to the rear, toys she can chew, balls hanging from the roof and old socks tied onto the side. She does play with the various items. I do also feed her in her crate.

She has never messed in her crate so there is no need for newspaper.

She has, on two occasions woken me in the night and after waiting a while I have let her out and she has been busting to relieve herself. You need to learn to "read" your puppy.

First thing in the morning, in the early days I lifted her but now I just open the crate and call her, I head towards the out side door and expect her to follow me (she always has so far). She almost immediately squats to urinate. I let my older dogs out too and they have a good play. After some time it's back into the crate for a rest and breakfast whilst I sort my boys and do school run. Once home she comes to the dogs boarding to clean and sort and socialise. Then into her crate for lunch and snooze.
It depends who is around and what I have on but she either plays with other dogs or out for lead exercise in the afternoon. Then back in the crate whilst I collect n run my boys around.
If my boys want her out to play and or train her they know to put her out side first and stay out with her until she has spent a penny at least.

Who ever goes to bed last puts her out for a short while then into her crate for the night.

When ever she is out of the crate I am often calling her and giving her commands. She is getting the hang of it all. If my attention is diverted for any reason she is put some where secure and never left to wander.

So far, so good. I am sure there will be hickups along the way but she has been a pleasure and so easy so far. I have made a point of taking her food off her a couple of times as she really is keen to dominate over it and I must remember she is a Rottweiler after all :)

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