Monday, 26 November 2012

Weaning well now

Well, Have you tried taking pictures of puppies. :)
They do make me laugh as they jump and squeal at sudden noises and to get this photo I knelt down by the barrier to their pen and they all jumped as I stood up. Soooo funny.
They are starting to get very hairy now and at last they are starting to eat solid food as opposed to relying on Toffee's milk.
Toffee is spending less and less time with them and who can blame her with those sharp teeth and claws.

Like everyone else we are surrounded by water. I am trying to put the horses hay at higher ground so they aren't stood in water all day. My boys are being very good at helping with the hay. Well they are their horses and they should shoulder some of the responsibility.

Phoebe continues to do very well. She is very keen as she took hold of a pheasant's leg (unattached from it's dead body) and shot, like lightening behind a unit and could I get her out?.
I gave the rest of the bird to my other dogs and none were nearly as keen as her.
Perhaps she will prove to be a good ratter :) That would be a great help as there are quite a number around as I think the raising water levels are pushing them to higher ground. They usually make an appearance ready for winter so I am always prepared.

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  1. Hi Bev , what a wonderful photo ! I bet it was hard to get , they say never work with animals or children when it comes to photos ! I thnk our Bailey is the one on the right ?
    Sorry to here you a suffering from this terrible water / weather we are having . I hope it goes as quick as it came ! Take care , Emma x