Thursday, 22 November 2012

4 weeks old

Just about on their feet as they wobble rather than walk. Their legs get stronger by the day. Eyes and ears are open. I know they can hear as they squeal and jump at any sudden noise. They are of course getting used to family life which will set them up well for their forward life.

Phoebe, our gorgeous Rotti has settled in fantastically well. She is in the crate in our family room as she is going to be a house dog. This is good for me as I am for ever advising people about having a puppy and how to avoid having their homes chewed whilst still taking care of the puppy and training it well.

My very, very first job in the morning is to open her crate and take her straight out side to relieve herself. She gets to play with my other dogs then too. I feed her her meals in the crate where she has water at all times too. She comes out several more times a day and always outside first. I usually go out with her and once she has done number 2 I do some training with her. Either inside or out on the yard.
In her crate she has her bowls, bed and lots to play with. There are socks tied to the sides, ropes hanging from the to , a piece of coal and a paint brush.
She may wine a little at times but soon stops when she realises no one is listening.
My boys are really enjoying having her and are helping with the training too which can only benefit her.
She has had her second injection today so we are off to puppy training. Ill let you know how she gets on.

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