Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Soooo cute

Pheobe plays with the cockerpoo puppies so well and is surprisingly gentle. They, being so very young hang on her ears and nibble her toes and she never objects and is clearly very tolerant. I never leave them un attended of course but it's great for all of their education and socialisation. The puppies coats are looking great and being fully weaned are ready for their new homes so if you are interested please make contact as they will soon be snapped up :)

I am doing heal work with Phoebe now and as with all of her education so far she is proving very easy.
I can understand other peoples frustration with puppies when they are out all day as she at just 13 weeks old has huge amounts of energy but I do have the advantage of having all my dogs and boarders to tire her out.

There will be no room at the Inn this Christmas (West Farm anyway) as both the cattery and kennels are very, very busy.

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