Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Nice weather

Yes it is cold but what do we expect for winter. All the animals are lovely and warm as they all have heating in their units. The self filling water dispensers are standing up to the minus degrees too.

I took Lola (one of our labradors) and Phoebe (our now 11 weeks old Rottweiler) for a long walk.
They were both fantastically well behaved. Lola particularly impressed me as she barely left my side and came as soon as I whistled. I have only had her since April 2012 and although I have done some training with her  she has had little one to one but I could not fault her.

The walk did end up being about 7 miles and Pheobe was a star. She trotted along quite happily and socialised with every one and any one. She is quite submissive if she meets a dominant dog which is great as I do not wish to have an aggressive Rotti.

Phoebe continues to do well with her training.
She sits on command, even at a distance. I am struggling a little to get her to go down but am working on it. She is very good at coming to heal and staying by us. My boys love to take her when they do the horses hay and fascinate how good she is. She comes to work with me when I go to tend the boarding dogs that way she will be very well socialised with other dogs. As I don't know them all I am cautious as to who she runs with.  I am mindful of giving her plenty of rest as she is so young and needs to rest to grow.
I am taking her out lots too and took her to Trusty pets where we buy our food. She enjoyed that and sampled a little of their stock :)

I did laugh as I took two cats for boosters for their owner who told me they are queens but they are in fact both boys :) Suzy and Trixy shall become Simon and Trevor :)

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