Sunday, 30 December 2012

The highs and lows

We have had a fantastic Christmas. My boys being thoroughly spoilt of course.

We have been very busy with our canine and feline guests too.
There was no room at the inn so the days have started very early to ensure a good standard of care for all. I did bring Marion in to help a little to ensure I had time for family activities too.

Phoebe is growing fast. She is challenging the rules a little as I knew she would. When I call her to come in or follow me in the fields she is walking in the other direction. I assume she will run to catch up with me as we are always together my hope is she will not want me to be too far away. So far it is working as she panics and runs to me if I get too far ahead.

Our 14 year old Labrador Gemma, who I proudly boasted to Mel (dog groomer) how fab she is looking for her age just before Christmas has been in the vets for the past 2 nights.
Over 3 days she became more and more listless. The vet has run various tests and carried out several examinations with no conclusion. We are still puzzled but she has improved massively and back to eating like a horse. I was gutted at the thought of loosing her. She has been such a big part of mine and my boys lives for so long. I know they don't live for ever but am so please she isn't leaving us yet. :)

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