Thursday, 31 October 2013

On holiday :)

Phoebe and I have been away.

We went over to Oakham for a couple of days and spent lots of time with a very dear friend of mine.

We watched kites flying over head which was very impressive. I hadn't realised they were so far north.

Phoebe was such a good girl and I felt very proud of her as the vast majority of time she was off the lead. We passed sheep, swan, geese, bikers, runners and oooodles of fellow walkers. She wasn't perfect as is very sociable but, for such a young dog she never embarrassed herself. She was also very good in our accommodation, for some reason she chose to sleep under my bed. There wasn't a lot of room.

It was lovely just to have a couple of days off and get away and I shall do it again one day :)

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