Saturday, 19 October 2013

Major improvements

We are improving the entrance to our home/Dogs Paws and Cats Whiskers. The is the view from the drive with the highway behind you. This was a grass paddock and will be the entrance. We are installing electric gates which open and close automatically. Set on a timer. This will improve our security. There will be a very discrete CCTV system installed.  
 This View is from within our yard. There will be a brick wall here, leading unto the electric gates. 
These improvement will certainly enhance the appearance, improve our security and give more clarity to those wishing to find our exact location. 
The CCTV system is linked to the internet and will send me an alert whenever the sensor detects movement. So sophisticated and offering peace of mind.

I would just have liked the weather to hold off whilst we completed the digging out as the mess!!!

Sorry for any inconvenience caused but please bare with us though as it will be very worth it :)

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