Saturday, 5 October 2013

My heart lifted

Thursday evening my youngest son accompanied me as we had to take Gemma (Jam Jar) Aged almost 15 years, to the vet. She clearly was very unwell and the enevitable outcome was decided.

A very sad day as she has been with me and my boys almost as long as we have lived at West Farm

Friday morning, after dropping my boys for school I headed off up the M1 to Harrogate for a funeral.
Very sadly a family member aged just 53 years  He was far too young to die.

The M1 was horrific with very dark cloud and heavy, heavy rain. The usual volume of traffic of course.

I am a radio 2 fan and had Chris Evens on in the car, feeling very fed up and downhearted.

His first guest was Gary Barlow who sang live.
It was nice and made for presant listening but my head was still full of Gemma, the looming event in Harrogate etc etc

His next guest was Alfie Boe, some one I had heard of but didn't really know.

He was also invited to sing live and WOW every hair on my body stood up.

What a voice, what power and he seemed a lovely gent too.

The rest of my day and journey back were very sad of course but my spirit was lifted and I shall certainly look him up when in concert :)

After 15 years we are all missed our gorgeous Jam Jar

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