Wednesday, 6 November 2013


17 tonnes of scalpings (rubble) later and lots of wackering.

6 cubic metres of concrete and despite this dreadful weather the gateway is prepared for our new gates.

The electric and sensor pads are in situ. The gates are scheduled to arrive this Saturday :)

We will be able to walk through but no vehicles for another couple of weeks as the concrete takes a while to harden off.

Like most things in life "a little patience goes a long way".

I won't fully complete the job until next year as I intend to tarmac the new area and tidy up the existing but the new entrance will make a huge difference from both aesthetics and security.

Better not start any more projects this year as we have puppy arrivals pending and then we will be very, very busy over Christmas as getting booked up already :)

It is exhausting but a great life!

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