Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Looking good

Just waiting for the gates to arrive ( they keep moving on a couple of days at a time)
and we are there for now.

I will take a picture to show you once there here :)

Business wise a little quiet at the moment, which is no bad thing and gives me time to catch up with maintenance jobs. Christmas will be completely chocker, I have no doubt and amongst the animals I have to care for I shall try and spend some time with my lovely boys.

They are all in happy places now.

Eldest seems to be getting on well at Futaba (Toyota) He talks about future plans and ideas which is great. he is on the mundane production line at the moment, learning the job which is what the apprenticeship scheme is all about

Middle son seems to be coping well and even enjoying his AS level subjects especially economics.

Youngest has settled incredibly quickly and easily into Denstone College. He is loving the sport and is bringing exam results home which are A passed. I couldn't have hoped for better as he is clearly happy now.

On the farm

We have a problem with the mink at the moment!! Lets hope they reduce the rabbit population as my lawn is alive at the edges when I go out at  night, put the light on to collect the coal.

I sat and watched a beautiful, big, black tailed fox on my lawn yesterday too.

To help clear up the storm fallen apples off the lawn the horses have been recruited to the job. They are loving it and doing a great job but I do wish they wouldn't have a run around as they do make a mess :)

They did make me laugh at the weekend as they were having a good canter around the field together and flinging legs up in the air. The dogs were out in the run but desperately wanted to play. Good entertainment for all :) :)

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