Monday, 29 August 2011

A washing mountain

The puppies are all doing great.
Toffee is very chilled and allowing us to handle the pups, which is going to give them a great start to their life, living with us humans. The only sense available to them at this age is smell, as eyes and ears are tightly closed so they will be having a good sniff at us.

Pony camp finished and what a fantastic week it was.
My boys are shattered and all in one piece but have achieved great things both with their horses and socially. They grow in confidence and maturity. Whilst at camp they have to care not just for them selves but their horse too. They are all in squadrons so working as a team is very important. Every time I went to camp (which was often) the atmosphere was great, friendly and all, clearly having fun.

Everything washable the boys took to camp is now on my utile floor, waiting to be washed. I have done 6 loads but fear many more to go.

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