Saturday, 13 August 2011

Play time!

I run my dogs 4 times a day.

At the moment I don't let them into the field as the moat is almost completely dry and has very, very smelly, black silt in the bottom, they come out plastered and the smell makes you feel nauseous.

They have plenty of room on our yard though and they love to play ball. They are very even tempered with one another and often have a wrestle together.
 I have just read a great book by Ceaser Millan who is a dog handler . well worth a read to try and understand the psych y of dogs (and humans).

The cattery is completely full and every small pet unit occupied I even have 6 hamsters and 2 gerbils in the house so not much time for me at the moment.

I did have a great ride on my beautiful horse yesterday though so I cannot complain.

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