Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Cockerpoos have arrived!

Toffe has safely delivered her litter of Cockerpoo puppies and they are sooo cute.
She started in the early morning and the last one arrived at 10.30
She did a very good job, made little mess and no fuss. They are all feeding well so fingers crossed as if there are to be any deaths they happen within the first 24 hours.
She is a star and is letting us pick them up which is great grounding for the puppies as by the time they leave here they will be briming with confidence. Just as puppies should be.
She will not let the other dogs anywhere near though.

pony camp is going very well. I managed to sneak up most days to help out which is great as I get to see how the boys are doing too. One of my boys was flying across the cross counrty course this afternoon and the other show jumping, 4 foot jumps. They are so brave but most importantly they really enjoy it.
The atmosphere is fantastic. Strict rules for their and the horses safety but they get the relax and have fun too.

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