Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Looking good

Toffee is looking great and very round. She is due in two weeks and she has definitely slowed down.
Jess (our 5 months old cocker) is her best friend and she still wants to play but Toffee just can't. I have started to separate them as when Toffee gives birth she will not want Jess around for a short while anyway.

Jess is most disgusted and howled the whole time. I shall put her with Poppy, my young lab and see if she settles with her. Dogs!!!

I have been down sizing my horses. My youngest son decided he would like to do athletics instead of riding  and as my 15 year old son is now too old to do pony games I have parted company with my 13.2hh boy.:(

Life is so very busy and my boys and I had acquired a lovely, now 3 year old to back and break in but no one has the time so he has gone to live with a lovely lady who is intending to event him.

He is so lovely he followed me onto the trailer when they came to collect him. Loading a horse into a tight, confined space is some thing that proves very difficult with many, well established horses never mind, unbroken youngsters.

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