Saturday, 22 January 2011

Why do dogs" tie"?

Why do a dog and a bitch tie during mating?

In the wild, in a pack the bitches hormones change as her season begins. She will not be receptive until between day 11 to 18 and some bitches are only receptive for 24 hours.

The males in the pack will have been fighting to establish who is the dominant, strongest and earned the right to farther the litter.

As soon as she is ready to be mated the winner will oblige and a gland at the base of his penis (Bulbus glandis) enlarges during copulation preventing him from withdrawing. The "tie" can last from 2 mins up to an hour but this ensures the ripened eggs are fertilised by him and the resulting puppies are his.

Pippa (Jack Russell) and Teddy (Toy Poodle)  have tied here and we hope this will lead to a litter of
Jackapoos. They will arrive in 9 weeks time if the mating was successful.


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  1. Were there any jackapoos born? I have a cockapoo, and her father is a toy poodle and mother a cocker (not sure if American or British). It seems that with almost the "doodle" or "poo" dogs the father is the poodle and the mother the other breed.