Saturday, 29 January 2011

What lovely dogs

Teddy looks a happy boy.

 He slept for two days after his meeting with pippa.

What a lovely little dog. His temperament is fantastic and very accepting of change. I'm looking forward to meeting their offspring.
This is Buster. he is our 4 year old, first cross Labradoodle (f1). If you have been on doodledogs Gemma is his Mum. He is huge, very fast and incredibly agile. You can do absolutely anything with him and he just loves attention. He does shed his coat but he doesn't need to be clipped.
Bella (f1b) is looking on. She does look tiny here but she is approaching the size of a labrador. Her coat is fantastic, spiral curls. She is going to the poochy parlour next week to have it tidied up.

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