Sunday, 30 January 2011

A new home

Holly left home today.

She is our 4 year old, standard poodle who developed Addison's disease.

The family know all about her condition, they researched it on the internet. They have a 4 year old Airdale terrier and are happy to give Holly a go. They took her this afternoon. She appears to have settled well. I have a picture of her curled up in her new home, fast asleep. The Airdale has accepted her well and the two of them had a nice walk today.

It surprises me just how readily our dogs settle with major changes in their lives as they very rarely leave our farm and don't meet other dogs/ people very often, yet Holly was invited to jump into the car of people she had only just met and off she went. A good job she is not a child or I would be scolding her.

I hope it works out as this is a good result for her but we will miss her.

The cattery and small pets are quite busy throughout February and I really need to get my horse out and get him fit for my son to take to camp in the summer. Not sure why I should do all the hard work but I do enjoy it.

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