Wednesday, 22 February 2012

She decides

Jess (our working cocker spaniel) is in season. I put her together with Teddy (golden, toy poodle) but she wasn't ready. Yes she would stand for him but at that final, crucial second she squealed and shot away leaving him bewildered and confused. This continued for several days but then her hormones were obviously at the correct level, as she decided yesterday  (day 11 of her season) was the day and wether he was interested or not he was going to "marry' her.

They mated a few times over the next 24 hours so fingers crossed we should have beautiful, cockerpoos in 9 weeks time.

Toffee who spends a lot of time with Jess is in season too. I am not taking a litter from her this season as she bred summer last year so this is her rest time. She has other plans though as she parades in front of Oscar, my Labrador stud. I have locked her in a dog boarding unit for her own good.

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