Thursday, 2 February 2012

Play time!

We have cocoa back for his holidays. Is Toffee eating him?.

They have such fun as I have 2 puppies still available and Toffee and Jess love to play. When ever I can, I have them all playing in the run of the dog boarding. It was lovely and sunny yesterday so quite warm as the building faces south. The under floor heating in their sleeping area is on a thermostat so I don't have to worry about them getting cold as they know where the heat is when they want a warm up.

I have the builders in today as we are doing the final polish of the granite floor, in the sleeping area, ahead of putting the specialist sealant on.  I am looking forward to the weather improving so I can concrete the run as it is not easy gathering droppings from the gravel.

The horses are doing well through this winter. If anything, they are a little fat. We are managing to keep them working between myself and my sons. Our big boy needs the regular work as he is so big and rather aged. These in themselves are not a problem but he did have 4 years of doing nothing and it has proved very difficult to bring him back into work and get him fit. 3 years so far.

We toy with replacing him as my eldest son wants to do more but as I have no funds available and he is such an honest horse, he gives his all to whatever you ask him to do and we both trust him. These facts will make him very difficult to replace.

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