Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A few days off

I have just been to London for a few days. it was lovely and very relaxing. We went to see Absent Friends at the Harold Pinter theatre which was very funny and I could relate it to some of my friends lives.

The atmosphere in London was very warm and friendly. Lots of people were happy to chat and almost everyone was smily.

One lady visitor was fascinating outside a shop. We stopped to chat with her. The shop is Abercrombie and Fitch. She encouraged is to take a look. How could we resist.
The entrance had a line up of young men with very well toned torso, waxed and oiled. There were a number of girls with gingham, short dresses on. They were all very, very welcoming.

As we walked beyond this entrance I noticed just how dark it was and no windows. More bodies populated the shop and they were all very well versed in their welcoming greetings. We wondered but to be honest I couldn't wait to find the exit, which I might add wasn't easy. How things have changed as there was no opportunity to focus on the product for it's colour or quality as it was so very dark and the intention seemed to be to distract you but I can only assume this approach is successful as they seem to grow from strength to strength. The young were certainly enjoying the experience and they are their customers of course.

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