Saturday, 26 March 2011

They have arrived!!

Pippa had her puppies on day 65 of gestation (the length of time of a pregnancy).
Having sat up with her all night she decided to whelp (give birth) at lunch time the following day. She would love to have them down the back of the sofa but I had a different plan.

Well!! would you like all that mess?

They are doing vey well and she is such a great Mum, keeping them clean and guarding them as though her life depended on it. She is my most protective of Mums and other than myself and to an extent my partner, no one is allowed to touch them. She will relax a little as time moves on.

Horsey news   My eldest son has pony games competition at Stoneleigh tomorrow so a very early start and he will have to have his pony and all his tack clean and ready. Mum doesn't do all that any more.
I hope they enjoy the occasion and, of course there are no injuries. Can you imagine up to 80 ponies in a often confined space, all excited. The children do learn how to try to stay out of harms way.

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