Thursday, 24 March 2011

First Day

We went to dog training this evening. There were 5 other dogs of varying sizes but all quite young.
It was fun.
Poppy did very well. Our dogs never go on leads as we walk on our own land so that in itself was a challenge for her. By the end of the first hour Poppy was walking well and was fairly obedient for her first time. I felt proud of her.
My son got a little bored but at least he knows what he will be doing with Jess when she is ready in a couple of weeks.

My youngest son has had a very busy evening as he had ridden before we went to dog training. He is getting to grips with his new pony. He did well and started jumping. He is hoping to join a club and compete through the summer. Fingers crossed it all goes well but most of all I hope he enjoys it.

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