Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Walk the Walk

 We dressed as jungle worriers with pink. Well, we are off to Sumatra in September :) into the jungle.
We arrived, as instructed, at Clapham Common for 8.45pm (went shopping for the afternoon before hand)

The atmosphere, fantastic, the costumes elaborate. What fun!!

We were then kept waiting for 3 hours and with 17,000 people in one tent there was no room to sit so stand we did. Then at 11.55pm our group 4 was released onto the streets of London. What a fantastic team of volunteers they had, encouraging us and guiding us along our route.

The first 2 hours we had covered a very disappointing 3 miles as there were just so many people in very confined spaces.
I was slightly worried that we would be clashing with shoppers if we couldn't increase our pace.

We had expected to be cold so wrapped up well and wore the rain poncho supplied too so despite windy, rainy and cold weather we were very warm and dry.

As the crowd thinned a little we increased our pace and started to put the miles behind us 26.2 is a very,very long way and never have I been so looking forward to a sit on the loo. Not because I needed it but just to take the weight off my feet for a moment.

We ended up being on our feet for over 12 hours (+shopping trip) as it took us 9 hours 11 minutes to complete the walk.

A great experience and  I feel very proud of my medal but the problem of the delayed start took the edge off the excitement and lead to a disappointing time for me.

30 millions has been raised for breast cancer research through the walk the walk so please feel proud of any donations you have made and if you would like to add to this you can via my page on the walk the walk site.

Thank you for your continued support x

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