Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The lul before the storm :)

Preparing for the summer.

 All units are given a thorough clean, bedding washed, bowls sterilised and walls scrubbed.

Bookings are flooding in and there is very little room at the inn certainly for August.

I have just had a couple of days off and went to Shropshire. What a beautiful area it is with some great hills to climb. I got drenched one day and caught the sun the next. English weather :)

All part of my training for my BIG challenge later this year when I walk 120 miles through the Indonesian jungle, all for charity. It is certainly going to be an experience and if nothing else I shall be very fit in preparation.

Down on the farm

I have today collected Bruno from Yorkshire. He is Oscar's son. He is going to "marry" Lola so all being well we shall have KC registered Labrador puppies.

Toffee's Cockapoo puppies are doing very well. Phoebe would love to help but Toffee won't let her into the pen yet.

Jess is in season so, hopefully will "marry" Chino to create Cockapoos later in the summer.

I am still putting off extending the dog boarding until I have good quality, reliable help and the energy to coordinate the building. I do have the builders coming to build a new reception/ office area. We will look smart. 
I am so very pleased with the electric gates and my customers are getting used to them too. Upgrade the CCTV system is the next phase of security improvements.

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