Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Well, i have done it :)

For many years we had a most gorgeous Rottweiler, Max. For those who knew him he was a most wonderful dog, we lost him, aged 14, 3 years ago and we do miss him. He had a great presence and offered us enhanced security. We have gone for a girl (no name yet) that way we won't compare but I cannot wait to get her home. She is very well bred and the family is full health screened which is very important in such heavy dogs.  These are her Mum, Dad, Gran, Gran Dad and aunty all are stunning characters.

At last the dog boarding is having a lul which gives me time to clean and prepare for our next busy time. The cattery, on the other hand is so busy. I don't know why and long may it continue.

My boys are very busy at school, working hard and preparing for GCSE's and AS levels so the pressure is on for them and I know they will do their very best so finger crossed they do well.

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