Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Summer madness is almost over and we have been busy with lots of new and happy customers at the same time we maintain our standards and ensure our existing customers are happy too.

We have had a couple of tricky dogs in this year but it hasn't posed a problem as we now have so many different exercise areas to keep them at a safe distance from the rest and we very tight policies as to who, what breeds can go out together or need to be out alone. Even with the very sociable we never have more than 3/4 playing together and no dogs are ever left out unattended.

It has, as always been fun too. We have introduced a gold award scheme. The idea is that my staff take it in turns, on a weekly basis to award it to a dog. The usual criterion is those coming for the first time, who are quite nervous but settle well and leave having enjoyed themselves as this is important to me and my team.

At this time of year we focus on repairs and cleaning and making any improvements as necessary ready for our next busy period.

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