Sunday, 23 July 2017

So, how is life down on the farm? :)

This time of year is always busy as people go on holiday. We do have a little availability for both cats and dogs having said that but I'm sure the few remaining spaces will soon be taken.

Having an additional 6 dog runs  (15 in total now) is making life so much earlier as we can get several dogs out, safely, at the same time.
As they have all had a good run around  in the outdoor runs, our kennels are very quiet as they all sleep when back in their  own unit.

I do feel quite humble as to how well our very new kennels are doing and with little advertising too. We must be doing something right :)

We have a new, assistant pest control officer and when I work out how to get photos from my phone onto here, I will show you her cuteness. Danni, our senior pest control officer has taken several weeks to accept her and has just started playing with her. Danni still loves to meet and greet all our guests, especially those for Cats Whiskers. She tends to stay up high and look down her nose at the Dogs Paws guests.

I get little time to ride in the summer but my young, at times cheeky horse is doing well. I may even fit a dressage test into life one day :)

Must go, lots to do but hope to see you soon

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