Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Passed :)

We had our annual inspection for our license today.

All kennels and registered breeders have to have a license which is renewed (and paid for) every year.

This involves me making an application to South Derbyshire District council. They then send a licensing officer to go through everything and make sure all is being run properly and in line with the strict guidelines. if all is ok the license is granted for another 12 months.

Although quietly confident it is always a little nerve racking being inspected and I do feel it is because we care too but all was good and we are fit to go for at least another year.

Our place looks great at the moment too with all the walls re painted, new heat pads for the cats and new/additional cat units looking all pristine.

We are very busy over the Christmas period with both cats and dogs which is good news. I have taken a lady on too to help out so fingers crossed she does a good job and helps to maintains our high standards and she will be here for a long time to come.

My boys are happy to help out over the festive season which is great as that way we can all spend some family time over the holiday period too.

Hope you all have a lovely and very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year

From all at

Cats and Dogs Whiskers Ltd


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