Thursday, 4 September 2014

Making improvements

 Can you see Danni? She is our new pest control officer and Phoebe obviously feels the need to keep an eye on her every move :)
This is our extension. It greets you as you pull through our electric gates. I like to think it makes us look very smart but it also gives me room to breath. I shall install a couple of holding pens for when people are delayed coming to pick up their pets. It gives me lots of storage too. If you remember the rolls of carpet I had donated, I now have space to roll them out, cut them up and store them.
I have no doubt the rest of the space will find a use too.

I also bit the bullet and built the remainder of my cat units. I had to turn so much business away this summer as I couldn't accommodate them so I'm hoping they will come back now I have expended.

I would like to sit back and enjoy a little now and not take on any further projects but we'll see :)

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