Thursday, 26 December 2013

A lazy day :)

On Christmas day Marion came in to help me. She is a star as we were close to full everywhere what with dogs, cats and puppies.

My lovely boys got up early and helped too. Between the 5 of us it still took a couple of hours but all our guests were well tended and had Christmas treats too :)

My children opened gifts then we went off to The Stenson Bubble for lunch :)

It was lovely with so much choice. No preparation and the biggest bonus, no siding away. It was well worth the money and we may well do it again next year.

The afternoon was full on again with animals and my helpers didn't abandon me, my boys played a lot with the dogs. They do have their favourite but make sure they give all some time and attention. The dogs love it. They are very quiet when returned to their own units as well exercised and happy to have a snooze.

The weather is being kind to us so far with only a slight frost. The units have under floor heating which goes on at night so I really don't need to worry about them getting a chill

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