Thursday, 12 September 2013

Summer is over!!

Yes the temperature has dropped and the sun seems to have gone in but what a lovely summer we have had. T shirts only for months :)

We have been very busy with no room at the inn for either dogs or cats which is what we worked towards and this keeps us afloat in the lean times. We are still reasonable busy with those without school aged children taking their holidays.

For me this is time to do maintenance, cleaning and prepare for my next project.  Well! we cannot stand still :)

Phoebe continues to do very well with her training. She is working towards her gold KC award but I am also doing some "rally" training with her which in a nut shell will further develop her heal work and obedience. I am so proud of her.

My boys are all very settled and enjoying life.

Eldest has started his engineering apprenticeship middle is enjoying being back at school studying for AS levels and youngest is loving it at Denstone College.

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