Sunday, 15 January 2012

Nice weather

Yes it is fffff flipping cold but how nice to have some proper winter weather. The birds in my son's aviary have managed to hatch quite a number of chicks through December which, they have never done before. They have all they need to hand, to survive but the wild birds will not have that luxury and they too will have been thrown by the unseasonal heat.

Horses are funny as the first frost always sends them a little whappy and today was no exception as they flew across their field, bucking and squealing as I went to feed and put them hay out.

The boarding dogs are doing great as the heat hit me as I opened the entrance door. All of the heater units lights were on. The whole building is so warm. I hate to think what it will do to my bills but my guests are happy and comfortable and that is all that really matters.

We still have quite a number of cats in and they too have their own, individual heat source through a pad. They were all sat on them this morning and who can blame them?

The puppies are the biggest challenge at the moment (only a couple left)
They need plenty of room to run and play now so outside would be ideal but it is just too cold so I run them on my yard with my big dogs, this all helps with their education too as the big dogs take no none sense from them and don't hold back if they need to chastise them for and "bad" behaviour.

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