Friday, 15 April 2011

The joys of horses!

Yesterday  my boys and I decided to give it a go, to take out our 3 horses, together in our trailer and go for a nice hack.

Great plan. Our trailer carrier 3. We put the first 2 in, no problems. When we tried to put number 3 in he flatly refused!!. He has to go in via the front ramp, facing backwards, trapped in the triangle the other two stalls create.

The boys were all kitted up, all the tack was in the car and we all so wanted it to happen. After a lot of coaxing, blood pressures raising and pushing of our little pony we managed to get him in and quickly pushed up the ramp.

I have a car build for towing. In fact it can tow up to 3.5 tonnes so we set off.

I have been towing for may years so have a degree of confidence. My car and trailer are both perfect but I have never felt so utterly nervous. The sheer weight behind me, I prayed I didn't have to break, All hinged on that small ball. I worried that the other two horses would bit the little guy in the middle . Opening the ramp (which I did) I envisaged the pony attempting to jump out before it was fully lowered. (of course he was tied up).

There was not big event and the boys enjoyed the occasion and had a nice ride but I have vowed never to tow with all 3 ever again!!

I must be getting old :(

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